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Meet the Team

Our team's main purpose is to help you become a better you! Our goal is to make everything easier for you to reach your goal and incorporate the changes into your lifestyle. We believe in establishing an energy balance and flow within your mind and body, with the main focus on nutrition and fitness.  Wellness and preventative care starts with how you fuel and use your body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team - we're looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Cathlynne Valmores, MSN, FNP-C, PCCN, HN-BC

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

CEO and Founder of A Better You Wellness

My name is Cathlynne and I am a board certified nurse practitioner. I want to help you become the healthiest that you can be. I started off as a registered nurse in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac telemetry and also have experience in emergency care. As a board certified nurse practitioner, I have worked in employee health and wellness, urgent/primary care settings, as a hospitalist admitting patients, and also teaching BSN and NP students. Throughout all of my experience, I have always been conscious about preventative care and do my best to receive excellent patient outcomes. I have my progressive care and holistic care certifications that help me better understand and treat my patients whole-being, from all disease processes to incorporating functional, spiritual, and nutritional needs. As a health coach, I want to use my expertise to help our clients improve their well-being and prevent chronic illnesses.

Why I'm Here: I still work in acute care settings and the one thing that I see in most of my patients, is lack of healthcare education. Many chronic illnesses are preventable. My main goal here is to help you take control of your health - being consistent and incorporating a healthy lifestyle. In this platform, I will be able to spend the time (that is not allotted in traditional healthcare) educating evidence-based practices and planning for you to become a better you!

Fun Facts: I have tried various different diets but I have been vegan since 2020! I love running and have run various distance races (take a look at my vegan & running pages - @njveg_eats & @theslowcatt). Check out the home page for many (mostly free!!) events coming soon!

In Partnership with Cindy Valmores

Founder and Baker of Bubbles & Goldburg

In Partnership with Jacquelyn Bonilla

Founder of Damn, Girl. Damn.

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