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About Us

Journey to A Better You

Mission Statement: This health and wellness platform focuses on the whole-being of clients to prevent or improve chronic health conditions through mental, nutrition and physical well-being.

We know that everyone is different, and we love to celebrate those differences. Not one diet or workout plan will work for everyone. We take pride in providing individualized plans based on your health goals!

How it Works

Simply choose which service works best for you. If you are not sure, schedule a free consultation to learn more!

Service Information

Each service includes bi-weekly sessions for the plan duration chosen.


  • 1 month plan - 3 total sessions

  • 2 month plan - 6 total sessions

  • 3 month plan - 8 total sessions

What to expect with each session:

  • Initial baseline session - 30-day personalized plan sent within 72 hours

  • Mid-way session(s) - to review progress. An updated plan + progress report sent within 24 hours

  • Final session - overview entire plan and review progress towards your goals; how to continue your journey in building healthy habits for your new lifestyle.

Also included between sessions:​

  • Accountability follow-ups via text message through entirety of plan

*All plans are backed by evidence-based practice guidelines to improve your health.

Our Packages

Chronic Care Package

for those looking to improve any of the following chronic diseases:

diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Includes:

  • In-depth blood work review

  • Fitness Plan

  • Nutrition Coaching

Fitness Plan Package

evidence-based plans focused on meeting optimal goal of 150+ minutes a week at your customized vigorous level heart rate zone. Includes: 

  • Personalized 30-day Fitness Plan for your schedule

  • Workout accountability check-ins and adjustments throughout the entirety of the plan 

Nutrition Coaching Package

evidence-based guidelines based on your specific needs. Includes: 

  • Personalized Optional 1-Week Meal Plan Guide

  • Personalized grocery list based on your food preferences

  • Customized recipes for your Meal Plan with calorie and macronutrients tailored to your goals

  • Additional recipes/options for meal plan

  • Nutrition accountability check-ins and adjustments throughout the entirety of the plan via an online journal

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