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What We Offer

Nutritional Coaching

One-to-one nutritional coaching with options for meal plans for your busy schedule! Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options available! 

*virtual session*

Options sent within 72 hours of visit

Fitness Plans

Workout plans designed with your schedule in mind.

*virtual session*

Individualized plan sent within 72 hours of visit

Chronic Care Prevention

In depth look into your blood work and discuss specific changes that can be made to improve/prevent medication use

*virtual session*

for Local Pick-Up
or Delivery

Pre-order before any event!

In partnership with

Bubbles & Goldburg


See Menu!

IV Hydration

*coming soon*

IV Hydration services coming soon!

Interested in a Running Club?

Inquire about joining a local NYC/North Jersey Running Club

Damn, Girl. Damn.


or send a contact form for more info!

*send a contact form if interested in

fundraising for a special cause!*

Have any pain preventing you from reaching your full fitness potential?

Will assess need for virtual or in-person physical therapy during fitness session/s!

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